Ground Zero Tactical (GZTac) was developed by Chief Kirk utilizing the powerful thought principles of Krav Maga to create a novel means of working with and effectively wielding firearms – specifically, the semi-automatic pistol in combat range and under self-defense conditions.

GZTac was born and launched with a single aim: To provide and transfer world class tactical training within the intersecting arenas of hand-to-hand and firearms combat to ensure our students can safely and effectively function under the stress of a violent encounter utilizing a firearm as a primary mode of self defense.

The GZTac brand promise is simple: GZTac will provide tactical training that is accessible and effective for our students by utilizing the logical and battle-tested principles of Krav Maga to deliver EFFECTIVE, TACTICAL, REPEATABLE PERFORMANCE. There is no other worthy goal.

Whether you already train with a pistol, or you want to learn to defend yourself with a pistol (or other firearms), check out GZTac.