Updated Policies
The Krav Maga Houston schools and affiliates response to COVID-19 remains intact as outlined below (with subtle changes being introduced at the facility level – contact your facility manager for specific questions or edits to the policies below):
Krav Maga Houston will begin the process of offering classes without masks in the May/June timeframe – as we continue to evaluate COVID-19 data and information. Please contact your specific “home” facility in May for more details and to confirm the specific policies at that location.

UV Lights/HVAC
We have successfully installed powerful bacteria and virus killing (including COVID-19) UV lights within the HVAC systems between the coils and the ducts pushing air into all of the rooms within the facilities. In some cases, we have been able to add a potent filter to the return air ducts as well.

Cleaning Protocols
In addition to existing cleaning protocols, we have added a rigorous disinfecting process after every class is completed and have a cleaning service in place to clean overnight. Records of our efforts and corresponding results can be found posted on the wall opposite the front desk with cleanliness readings taken by a third party who also completes a thorough disinfecting process once monthly in addition to our daily efforts.

Disinfecting Process
Medical-grade disinfectants which are designated effective against the COVID-19 virus with a kill time of one minute or less will be used for all continuous and deep-cleaning processes, including our disinfecting efforts between each class.

Adjusted Schedule
We have adjusted the class schedule to allow for a healthy mix of in-facility and online classes to support our community. In addition, we have spaced each class to facilitate entry and exit into the training rooms with minimal or “no contact” interaction if desired.

Required Attire
Students in direct contact will be required to wear masks – surgical masks or breathable buffs are acceptable. We will moderate the pace of the class to account for this requirement.

Temperature Checks
Per medical direction, “no touch” thermometers will be utilized to take temperatures for all staff and for students attending in-facility classes. Acceptable temperature readings are 99.5 degrees and below.

Symptomatic Students
Anyone displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or other illnesses – including staff and/or students – must refrain from attending in-facility classes.


It is the policy of Krav Maga Houston schools and affiliates to protect your personal data. It is never sold or shared outside the Krav Maga Houston schools and our affiliates. If you have specific questions about your personal data or our privacy policies, please email [email protected] with questions presented in written form. Please use the term “PRIVACY” for the subject line of your email.


All Krav Maga Houston schools and affiliates require students to execute waivers as one of the terms of membership. Some waivers may include the use of language such as…”it is our policy…” This language has been modified to read…”it is our policy and you agree to (fill in terms).” This language has been developed to ensure there is written agreement to the waiver requirements necessary to engage as a member at any of our facilities. This is non-negotiable.


At Krav Maga Houston Schools, our default month-to-month rate is $299 per month, and while we do not traditionally offer month-to-month (M2M) engagements, our M2M rate can be utilized to settle disputes at our discretion. Our facility enhancement fees are determined on a facility by facility basis and will continue to be set as such. Contact specific, individual facilities for facility enhancement information.


From time to time, it may become necessary for any Krav Maga Houston school or branded affiliate to move its location due to any number of factors. Historically, our membership policy has included up to a 30 mile radius for the purposes of evaluating any “in term” membership agreements as ongoing and valid. Our revised policy is now as follows: memberships shall remain intact as originally conceived during/after a facility relocation if the relocation is made within 15 miles “as the crow flies” from the previous facility. And, as a recipient of this policy change, you and Krav Maga Houston schools and affiliates agree to the updated and more flexible terms.