Krav Maga Houston teaches authentic Krav Maga. Offering morning, mid-day and evening classes, Krav Maga Houston’s instructional staff brings over 195+ years of combined experience into the facility. Krav Maga Houston has by the far the most experienced staff in the area, with three 3rd degree black belts, one 2nd degree black belt, and four 2nd degree candidate black belts.
Why Krav Maga Houston?
Chief Instructor CJ Kirk is a 4th Dan Black Belt with over 21 years teaching experience. The Krav Maga Houston Black Belt Instructors have 100+ years combined experience. All Krav Maga Houston Instructions have a combined 195+ years of experience. Krav Maga Houston has been the top training facility for over 25,000 civilians, law enforcement and military.
What is the Introductory Seminar?
The INTRO seminar is conducted at our central Houston location, located off Kirby Drive just south of the Hwy 59 frontage road between CVS and Chik-fil-A. The seminar details the concepts of Krav Maga, it’s origin, and principles, techniques, and training methods. As well as, the realities of violence and the impact these facts have on training and development. This seminar offers the essentials needed to understand Krav Maga and provides the information each potential student requires to evaluate Krav Maga for ongoing training, as well as the perspective needed to effectively train and learn Krav Maga.

This seminar is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all potential students and a prerequisite for the Central campus. The seminar is offered at $20 (with a double your money back guarantee) nearly every Saturday morning at 0900 hours and lasts approximately 2-2.5 hours. Each Saturday, membership coordinators offer up special discounts for interested attendees who wish to embark on their Krav Maga training. All of your questions will be answered at this seminar. Register for the INTRO seminar by calling 713-526-2500.

How do I know the instructors are qualified?
CJ Kirk, Krav Maga Houston’s Chief Instructor, has over 21 years experience and as of October 2019 is one of a handful of certified and licensed 4th Degree Black belt instructors. He is Advanced Force Training certified – teaching both law enforcement and military personnel – and holds a Master’s Degree in Finance. Chief Instructor Kirk also personally selects and trains other would-be instructors through the Krav Maga Houston apprentice program.

All instructor certifications ultimately go through Krav Maga Worldwide – an organization headed by Darren Levine (one of two men on the planet with a Founder’s Diploma from Krav Maga’s founder Imi Lichtenfeld). Chief Instructor Kirk is a first generation student of Levine’s, second generation Lichtenfeld instructor.

What is the difference between civilian and force Krav Maga systems?
These programs vary in two ways: first law enforcement and military personnel must abide by “use of force” or “rules of engagement” protocols. Often, this requires that Krav Maga be taught with the use of “higher force options” in mind; teaching how to take “positive control” of encounters while avoiding “unnecessary”injury to the hostile combatant. Law enforcement officers, in particular, deal with these issues. Military personnel have varied engagement protocols and Krav Maga is taught with these in mind; this issue and the weapons military personnel carry often shape how Krav Maga is taught in these cases. For instance, learning to “fight to the weapon” in close engagements is often an issue that is not common for civilians.

Often, new students worry that they are “missing out” by studying civilian Krav Maga. Nothing could be further from the truth. Civilians are taught to solve/stop violent encounters without stringent use-of-force restrictions and are taught how to solve these encounters without the aid of weapons often carried by military personnel. In short, civilian training has many advantages.

How often can I come to class?
As many times per week as you would like – given you are training in your level appropriate class. We do not limit you!
I have a chronic injury; can I do Krav Maga?
Your doctor should be the final authority on this subject. But, we do have a myriad of students that train regularly with chronic injuries. Instructors often offer suggestion and modifications to allow for injury, and often students elect to forego exercises that might aggravate injuries. Krav Maga is accessible for a huge portion of the population – men and women, short and tall, large and small.
What kinds of defenses does Krav Maga cover?
Krav Maga covers a full array of “strong arm attacks” such as chokes, bear hugs, and head locks, as well as weapons defenses against sticks (blunt objects), knives (edged weapons), pistols, shotguns, rifles, and multiple attackers with weapons. Krav Maga is REAL self defense.
What is the difference between traditional martial arts, fighting, and Krav Maga?
Traditional martial arts may offer a host of benefits but are not optimal for fighting (think UFC) or self defense (think Jason Bourne). Fighting (like mixed martial arts) is a useful skill but is often better utilized in a rules-based environment.

Krav Maga is self defense – defined as a combatant taking aggressive action against you; forcing you to respond. Often, this includes being taken by surprise and learning to defend from an initial “position of disadvantage” and moving to a “position of advantage” to neutralize the threat.

How long until I’m good at Krav Maga?
Most students progress to their first test within 3-4 months, and during this progression grow to become much more capable and aggressive when necessary.
Can I watch a class?
The short answer is no. You can participate. Participation is the only way for anyone to assess any program.
How much does Krav Maga training cost?
The cost varies by location, program(s), and commitment. Often, students combine programs like Krav Maga and Krav Athletics and Krav Maga in these cases, the second program selected is offered at a fraction of the price when combined.

In short, we have a myriad of programs, terms, and pricing options. Each program is priced well below market and the value received to ensure those committed to their personal safety are not held back by finances.

How do I contact Krav Maga Houston?

Krav Maga Houston – Central Campus:
2615 Southwest Freeway, Suite 260
Houston, TX 77098

Email: [email protected]