On occasion, Krav Maga Houston is forced to foreclose on a membership.

The personal circumstances that lead people into these situations vary. In short, these memberships are simply no longer being serviced monthly as previously agreed.

The foreclosed memberships are now being reintroduced to prospective students who wish to engage in Krav Maga Houston’s training program – often at a significant discount.

The process is simple.

When Krav Maga Houston forecloses on a membership, that membership is moved into the foreclosure file.

From there, the membership is offered at a first-come, first-served basis using a proprietary discount model developed to re-price the remaining months of the foreclosed membership by accounting for the up-front investment and risk absorbed by the original membership holder.

Once the membership has been re-priced, the foreclosure email list (sign up for the foreclosure list below) is notified and the memberships are offered for a short time (usually 72 hours) to the public – those on the email list get first notice (a 24 hour head start).

Typical re-priced memberships offer savings of 22%-41% off standard membership rates – with 3 months up to 27 months left on these memberships historically.

There are no enrollment fees ($199), no kit fees ($99), no insurance fees ($25), no commissions ($50), no marketing costs to recoup ($125), and no hidden fee (priceless). You’ll start your membership several hundreds of dollars ahead!

It’s a great bargain for those that know what they want!

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