It’s tough, challenging, and life changing. Yes, I said life changing. Calling meta/mor/phys a group exercise class is like calling the Navy Seals BUD/S training a multi-week group swim activity. This program relies heavily on what is arguably the most highly prized piece of workout equipment on the planet, the Russian Kettlebell.

Originally developed in Russia as a form of strength training for athletes and military, the kettlebell is a dynamic tool that moves and rotates within the hand.

The kettlebell’s offset center of gravity demands constant control and concentration from the student and is a highly effective tool for developing strength and power. Meta/Mor/Phys includes the kettlebell as an essential element in the program’s success.

Early participants in the training have remarked many things; including a myriad of expletive laden volleys during the actual up-hill slog we once called BYOB (bring your own bucket – to puke in that is). But they have also lost fat and gained lean muscle (one guy had some custom suites made with a free alteration guarantee – he lost 44 pounds in 8 weeks and is going on his third free alteration in as much time – so much so, that the pockets are spaced strangely and he’s asked for new suites altogether). That’s not water weight people – not some asinine soup and celery diet – it’s hard work, healthy muscles, functional strength – it’s awesome.

There are many success stories, but fat loss and lean muscle gains are really just the shallow end of the pool when it comes to meta/mor/phys. The real transformation comes in the exploration of self, the willingness to suffer, and the courage to push your limits ever further. Think about those words for a few minutes…

We are all in a state of transformation – seeking, searching, pushing. But, in the end, each true participant reaches a tipping point, a place where change occurs inside. This, then, is the beginning of another transformation – one created from a now firm and lasting foundation.

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